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enough good men to do nothing.

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Life has changed a lot over the last few years. In December 2004 we moved ourlives to Charlotte, NC. James came along with us and was soon followed by Brittany, Heather and Sammy and Josh. Hailey came along a few years later. Having the immediate family together is a great blessing. And now James is engaged and we'll soon welcome Greta as a member of the family. Our travels over the years have been many with trips within the US, visits with friends in California and family in New England along with trips to Ireland, England and other countries. Can't wait to go back to Ireland but want to take my African Safari next. We finished our activities in Houston after about 6 months consulting work there.

After our time in Japan, we spent several months in Roanoke, Virginia on a consulting assignment which gave us some time to roam the east coast, visiting Washington, D.C. along with areas of North Carolina and Mike's old stomping grounds of the Outer Banks and Morehead City, North Carolina. We were sorry not to have more time to explore the areas around Roanoke but life moves forward. From Virginina we headed to Houston, Texas where we were both consulting. Here we had time to spend with Mike's sister Carol and her husband Ken as well as working away for hours on end. At least in Houston and Roanoke there were movie theaters so we didn't miss out on the movie trips and dinners out. We had an apartment here in Houston, but its Oakwood which does fully furnished rentals so we have avoided investing in additional household goods for this one.

Instead of going back to work for someone else, I embarked on the web development and hosting trail WEB DEVELOPMENT AND HOSTING. It fills most of my time in between joining Mike for various projects that are tied in with his work in COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY. During our time in Roanoke and Houston we managed time for our anniversary in Nashville for the Grand Ole Opry and also into Kentucky for Mammoth Caves.

We arrived back in San Diego from Japan in time to visit Paramount Ranch to watch the filming of the first TV Movie Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. This aired on May 22, 1999 at 8pm. and CBS has offered Jane Seymour the opportunity to do a second television movie and maybe a third. We have our fingers crossed for more good things to come in this area. At this point we are hoping for Christmas 2000.

Both Mike and I have enjoyed a long association with photography. We have pictures and slides from all over the World and have filled our home with memories of our various trips and a multitude of events in our lives. Our travels have taken us half way around the world or as close as the Anza Borrego desert. They have all been enjoyed and appreciated. Click on one of the locations to read about our various trips.

Movies, books, plays and other types of entertainment are another form of enjoyment to take our minds away from a busy work schedule. They help to relax and refresh after a busy week in the battle for new and better business opportunities. Weekend trips to Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Newport Beach and others contribute to a refreshed outlook on hectic and busy lives.

My involvement with computers started when my new boss, Tom, dictated for 4 hours, dumped a computer on my desk and informed me he needed it in WordStar on a floppy. It was a dual floppy system with no hard drive. They showed me out to boot it up, how to start WordStar and sent me on my way. Two months later I was asking "how do I...". That was when Tom handed me a couple of dBase II books, Ty put a 10 mb hard drive into the computer, and I was off and running. I have been "playing" away with a computer since that time.... Learning more... and more importantly... wanting more.... Bigger, Better, Faster, etc.

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